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Integrated Report 2017


Financial Report 2017


Notice of AGM 2017

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2017 at a glance
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Who we are
About this report
Key milestones
Performance highlights
Our vision
Strategic pillars
Our values
Strategy review
Company structure
Our footprint

Our business
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Chairman's report
Material issues

Strategic and operational review
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Chief executive officer's report
Our value creation model
Chief financial officer's report
PPC's profit improvement programme (PIP)
Value added statement
Seven-year financial review
Operations review

Governance review
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Corporate governance review
Audit committee report
Risk and compliance committee report
Information technology
Remuneration report

Sustainability review
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People review
Social review
Socio-economic development
Awards and accolades
Environmental review
Group stakeholder engagement
Independent limited assurance report to the directors of PPC Ltd

Financial review
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Independent auditors' report
Audited summarised consolidated financial statements
Segmental information
Notes to the audited summarised consolidated financial statements

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Mining charter and BBBEE scorecard
PPC Ltd shareholder analysis
Financial calendar
GRI G4 Index
Corporate information
Forward-looking statement

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