ABET   Adult basic education and training
ACMP   Association of Cementitious Material Producers
ASPASA   Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of South Africa
BBBEE or BEE   Broad-based black economic empowerment
CDP   Carbon Disclosure Project
CGT   Capital gains tax
CSI   Corporate social investment
DEA   Department of Environmental Affairs (South Africa)
DMR   Department of Mineral Resources (South Africa)
DoE   Department of Energy (South Africa)
dti   Department of Trade and Industry (South Africa)
EBITDA   Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation
EIA   Environmental impact assessment
EIUG   Energy-intensive users group
EMP   Environmental management plan
FSP   Forfeitable share plan
GRI   Global Reporting Initiative
HDSA   Historically disadvantaged South African
IFRS   International Financial Reporting Standards
ISO   International Standards Organisation
King III   King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa
LED   Local economic development (South Africa)
LTI   Long-term incentive
LTI(FR)   Lost-time injury (frequency rate)
MOI   Memorandum of incorporation
MPRDA   Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (South Africa)
MQA   Mining Qualifications Authority
NQF   National Qualifications Framework
OHSAS   Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
OPC   Ordinary Portland cement (CEM I)
PMC   Portland Masonry cement
SANS   South African National Standards
SK9   Slurry kiln 9
SLP   Social and labour plan (South Africa)
SMME   Small, medium and micro-enterprise
STC   Secondary tax on companies (South Africa)
STI   Short-term incentive
STIS   Short-term incentive scheme
TCTC   Total cost to company
TSR   Total shareholder return
VCT   Voluntary counselling and testing