Mining charter and bbbee scorecard

Due to the nature of cement manufacturing, PPC’s empowerment credentials are measured against both the scorecard for the broad-based socio-economic empowerment charter of the South African mining industry, known as the mining charter, and the Department of Trade and Industry’s (dti) broad-based black economic empowerment codes of good practice as revised in October 2013.

dti BBBEE status

PPC achieved a BBBEE rating of level 8 in December 2015, based on the 2007 code of good practice. This changed to a level 4 in terms of the 2015 codes of good practice, in December 2016.

BBBEE elements 2016 2015  
Equity ownership 16,41 21,94  
Management control and employment equity 11,84 10,98  
Skills development 15,86 9,01  
Preferential procurement 21,75 19,58  
Enterprise development 15 1,86  
Socio-economic development 5 5  
Total 85,85 68,37  
Level 4 8  

Focus elements in the improvement plan are skills development, enterprise and supplier development and a drive to encourage employees to declare disabilities. The disability awareness drive was conducted in September 2016 and slightly improved the level of disclosure in PPC. Skills development scoring improved after optimising training spent on accredited and recognised skills programmes as well as improved absorption of learners, by giving qualified learners at least one year of work exposure at PPC plants to boost their employability.